ARISTOTLE (Aristotle Onassis)

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A model designed for daily use, almost everywhere. It has a wider leather strap across the instep and a narrower toe leather ring that holds the big toe. It also has a narrow vertical leather string that runs from the toe ring (between the toes) to the center of the instep strap.


  • Leather sandals:
  • Handmade by Pantelis Melissinos and his helpers, in his Athenian workshops

  • Upper part:
  • All-Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather, tanned in Greece that gets darker with time.

  • Lower Part:
  • Greek Rubber, produced in Northern Greece.

  • Sizing:
  • Either regular European sizing or individual sizing and adjustments.

  • Adjustments:
  • All sandals are adjusted to your feet free of charge, unless you require bespoke soles or special designs that are more expensive.

  • Colors:
  • Most sandals can be handmade, in colors or patterns of your choice from our current color-leather menu. You can be creative and mix different colors of leather or leather straps printed with patters, in sandal models of your choice.

  • For all natural (noncolor) leather sandals use a damp cloth to remove some dust or dirt. Natural leathers though stain very easily and that is how they get their beautiful patina over time. If you want to make ugly stains “disappear” then, darken up the leather by applying baby oil to the surface and the stains will blend in. This way the leather also gets a beautiful and much darker tone and it also becomes softer and friendlier to your skin…read more

1 review for ARISTOTLE (Aristotle Onassis)

  1. Vicky

    Bought these sandals on a short layover in athens…they are fabulous and get more and more comfy each year! definitely a cool boho vibe that look great on women or men!

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