Ways of buying our sandals

I do not conduct online sales. Opting for internet sales would necessitate me to compromise the impeccable quality of my custom-made sandals. You have the option to purchase my sandals either in person at my sandal atelier, where I meticulously tailor each pair to fit individual feet flawlessly, or through a trusted friend or family member who can personally visit Athens. Just ensure they possess your accurate measurements.

Here are the three reasons why my sandals are not available for purchase online:

**First Reason:**

My hand-crafted sandals are the result of love, personal joy, and a commitment to quality. They are not produced in mass quantities for quick delivery to customers. I derive satisfaction from ensuring that the sandals I create fit perfectly to your feet. Given the diversity in people’s foot shapes and sizes, I often require your measurements and may need to make on-the-spot adjustments to the sandal straps to achieve that ideal fit.

**Second Reason:**

As previously mentioned, sandals must be individually tailored to each person’s feet for maximum comfort. Consequently, I hold a strong belief that purchasing sandals or clothing online is akin to making a blind purchase, lacking the necessary personalized fitting.

**Third Reason:**

My ultimate reward, believe it or not, comes from the happy expressions of my customers. Those who acquire my bespoke sandals often share that visiting my distinctive shop, characterized by its vibrant and welcoming ambiance, becomes a highlight of their journey. Regrettably, I possess an unrelenting romantic disposition. I firmly believe that the core of a person’s essence lies in the sincere, compassionate, and unpretentious daily pleasures of life. This belief is echoed not only in my sandal craftsmanship but also in my art and poetry.


Pantelis Melissinos