Our History

Georgios Melissinos, the master sandal maker who started the Melissinos legacy.


Georgios & Michael Melissinos - 1920's
Georgios & Michael Melissinos – 1920’s

Step into the enchanting world of Melissinos Art – The Poet Sandal Maker sandals, where

timeless craftsmanship, poetry, and art meet the glitter of celebrity allure. Founded by Georgios Melissinos, the master sandal maker, and his fraternal twin brother Michael, the poet, in 1920, this celebrated Athenian workshop has woven a rich tapestry of history, passing from father to son like a cherished poem.


The legacy took a truly poetic turn in 1955, with Georgios’ son, Stavros Melissinos, affectionately dubbed “The Poet”, because he wrote poems like his uncle Michael. Stavros transformed ancient Greek-inspired sandals into wearable poetry. His creations caught the eye of luminaries like Sophia Loren, Jackie O, and the Beatles, during the mid-’50s and the wild ’60s, who bought his sandals, igniting a blaze of fame for “Melissinos The Poet”. This added a new chapter to the Melissinos footwear legacy where each sandal tells a story of its own, blending ancient tradition with a modern touch.

Stavros Melissinos & a famous fashion model trying on his sandals, back in the 70’s


The Beatles’ visit turned Stavros’ creations into 60s cult items, while Jackie O’s purchase of the ‘Taf” model—now known as the “Jackie O” forever etched “Melissinos the Poet” into the annals of fashion history, a history that continues with Pantelis Melissinos, son of Stavros.


Since he took over the family business in 2004, Pantelis Melissinos has been crafting sandals that captivate both Greek and foreign visitors and celebrities, earning accolades in magazines, newspapers, and TV networks worldwide. Today, Pantelis Melissinos, third-generation artist, poet and sandal maker, continues the famous legacy and runs the iconic atelier near the Acropolis Museum. His workshop, filled with his poetry books and adorned with his vibrant artworks on the walls, a baby grand piano, along with his striking modern sculptural chairs, tables, mirrors, and other art pieces, has earned enthusiastic praise from celebrated journalists, writers, and visitors worldwide. It is hailed as an Athenian landmark and a pilgrimage site for those seeking Greece’s cultural identity and heritage.

Pantelis Melissinos “The Poet Sandal Maker to the Stars” with journalist Rania Alevra in his iconic sandal & art atelier.
Young Pantelis Melissinos with his father on the Acropolis
Young Pantelis Melissinos and his father, Stavros “The Poet”, after a visit to the Old Acropolis Museum, which was once located next to the Parthenon.

Pantelis Melissinos, “The Poet Sandal Maker to the Stars,” welcomes both domestic and international visitors to his workshop where each bespoke pair of sandals is not merely footwear but an artifact of culture, a keepsake that embodies the elegance and heritage of ancient Greece. With graceful curves and a personalized fit that promises years of comfort, every pair tells a story of passion and craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Embrace the legacy and walk in the footsteps of legends with Pantelis Melissinos Art Sandals. that attracts European royalty and international celebrities alike.


Since its inception as Melissinos Footwear in the 1920s, the enchanting allure of Melissinos Art Sandals has captivated a prestigious clientele spanning generations. From Greek royalty to iconic figures like Sophia Loren and Jackie Onassis, from the artistic brilliance of Rudolf Nureyev to the musical genius of The Beatles, and from the charisma of Melina Mercouri and Maria Callas to contemporary stars like Barbra Streisand, Jeremy Irons, and Kate Moss, these sandals have left an indelible mark. Even luminaries such as Leonard Cohen, Queen Sophia of Spain, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Tomlin, Bob Saget, Dawn French, and the esteemed family of US President Joe Biden have been among their countless admirers.