Vegetable-tanned leathers keep their grain and natural “imperfections”.


Vegetable tanning is a natural, traditional and high-quality method of processing animal hides without the use of toxic chemicals that harm the environment.

This organic method of tanning leather dates back to, approximately, 6.000 BCE.

It involves tannins extracted naturally from the bark and leaves of various plants, like: chestnut, oak, wattle, and many other trees.

During the gradual and slow process of vegetable tanning, the raw animal hides are placed in wooden drums, where they are tanned into leathers of great quality, strength and durability.


Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leathers are the real deal! They are top quality leathers, distinguished by a lack of consistency in color and tone – a proof of genuineness and naturalness.

They do not have a finish coat for even an color & “beautification”.

Owing to the natural tannins used, vegetable-tanned leathers keep their grain, marks, shades, various nuances and other unique characteristics and natural imperfections. They are also the most expensive leathers, due to the long process of vegetable tanning and their quality. These leathers do not have their surfaces sanded down to hide any natural imperfections, at the expense of durability. They also do not have a finish coat applied for “beautification”, waterproofing or protection against stains, at the expense of breathability.

Over time, vegetable-tanned, full-grain leathers instead of wearing out, they burnish and change for the better, by getting a darker patina of richer and warmer tones.

Full grain leathers are sturdy and long-lasting, because the natural grain contains the strongest fibers in the hide. Their breathability means less sweating, when it comes to footwear. Besides footwear, vegetable tanned leathers are also perfect for belts, luggage, furniture and clothing accessories that require leathers that are a little less pliable but sturdier.

Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leathers are used, by great fashion designers and brands, for high-quality shoes, accessories and other leather products that are sought after by sophisticated and discerning customers.  These leathers live with you and the marks and stains, on their surface, keep a record of your personal history and the more you use them (with love and care), the better they get.

Color leathers

These are just a few samples of the great variety of color & pattern leathers we have in stock for unique pairs of sandals