Melissinos Art Sandals -Iconic Greek footwear

Pantelis Melissinos taking measurements of the customer feet Melissinos Art Sandals -an iconic representation of Greek artistry and craftsmanship. These handmade leather sandals are the creation of Pantelis Melissinos -master craftsman, poet and artist, who has studied Fine Arts at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. Melissinos Art Sandals are unique in their…


PANTELIS MELISSINOS: “The Greek Lord of the Sandals”

“ESPRESSO” | 22-02-2022 | By Elias Maravegias Pantelis Melissinos with Jill Biden, wife of  Joe Biden, current President of the United States and her daughter. His grandfather, George Melissinos, was one of the most famous shoemakers in Athens. He even made hiking shoes for members of the royal family. His father, Stavros Melissinos, made the…